The Indy Diamond Buyer Process

Receive Personal Attention In A Safe And Confidential Environment

A Brief Introduction To The Diamond Selling Process

Whether you’re starting a new chapter in your life or you want to make room for new precious jewels, GSA Diamonds is a local Indianapolis diamond buyer you can turn to for fair and methodical pricing. We pride ourselves on our integrity and experience, offering consistently better prices than those found at jewelers, pawn shops or auctions.

In short

We know the market better than anyone else in the area. We believe experience goes hand in hand with trust and we have over 60 years in combined wisdom in the diamond industry. We take your security seriously and customer satisfaction remains our number-one priority.


Gather Your Documentation

“Do I need to bring anything with me?”

If you have an existing grade report or diamond appraisal, please be sure to bring it with you. Certificates and appraisals enable us to provide higher and more accurate price estimates.

If you don’t have any documentation that is no problem, we will still evaluate your diamond. But, if you have records from any of the following, be sure to let us know…

Set A Meeting

Secure an appointment with one of our diamond advisors in Indianapolis. Together we will go over fine points concerning your diamond.

What to expect: When you come to us you will be treated with the utmost dignity and respect. Unlike the experience selling diamonds at some jewelry stores or pawn shops, we will conduct your evaluation in a private setting, away from the public eye.

During this time, all documents that are chosen to be considered, and the quality of your diamond will be analyzed so our gemologist will be able to make you the best cash offer.

That said, this will also be the time to talk about all options available for insurance and resale values. Indy Diamond Buyer conducts diamond inspections and evaluations by appointment only.


Gain Education & Make The Best Decision

Professionalism and transparency are extremely important to us. Our goal is to establish long-term relations with our clients, built on mutual trust. You can rest assured that you will clearly understand all of the aspects involved in determining the price of your diamond.  

Elements the experts use to determine your offer:
  1. During the official evaluation process, we examine your diamond closely to determine its qualities and ratings according to the 4C’s Of Diamond Grading (Color, Clarity, Cut and Color).
  2. We will make sure you are acquainted with the latest trends in the market.

We will be sure to take as much time as needed to thoroughly explain, and answer all of your questions.  

A Proposal is Made

We guarantee honest and fair diamond evaluations while taking all factors into consideration.

What this means for you

Once all documentation and the official evaluation of your diamond has been completed, written and formal offers are made. Should you chose to accept our offer, there are just a few more steps involved.

Don’t forget

Our diamond buying process is confidential and our offers are always honorable. Unlike other diamond buyers we provide both written and verbal offers, giving you an extra piece of mind. And unlike auctions, there are no extra costs for you. We can offer you more money for your diamond and make a proposal quickly and stress-free.

Transactions are Completed

Get fair and consistent prices for your diamond!

We update our prices constantly according to the changes in the market.

And why is this such a big deal?

This guarantees that you will receive the most competitive offer and the best price for your diamond.

The best part

You will receive full payment before you leave.


You will receive a receipt for the purchase of your diamond once the transaction is complete.

Come to us anytime!

Some diamond buyers in Indianapolis are only available when the market is high, but not us. You can always count on us to be available to purchase your diamonds any time of the year.

Shine On: Some Interesting Facts About the Diamond Industry

More than just aesthetically enthralling, diamonds endure as the ultimate symbol of romance, love, and commitment. The sparkling rock’s name is derived from the Greek adamas, which translates to “unconquerable,” this symbolic meaning lending itself dynamically to the diamond’s history commemorating eternal love.

In the beginning…

The earliest diamonds were discovered in India in the fourth century BC, though the “youngest” of these deposit examples were formed some 900 million years ago – when they were discovered, diamonds were valued due to their brilliance and sheer strength, as well as for their ability to engrave metal and refract light. Before diamonds were worn as adornments by the sexiest and trendiest of socialites, they were utilized as cutting tools, served as a talisman to ward off evil and were even believed to provide protection in battle during the Dark Ages.


In 1974, the world-recognized “a diamond is forever” moniker was born courtesy of DeBeers, creating a wildly successful advertising campaign that played a contributing role in today’s widespread embracing of the diamond as a premium stone for an engagement ring. In today’s fine jewelry market, more than 78-percent of engagement rings sold contain diamonds.
Boasting a sense of permanence, a culturally-rich history, and a lustrous brilliance, diamonds continue to endure as a natural choice for signifying a lasting union.