Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Diamonds In Indianapolis

We Make The Process Easier For You

When you decide to sell your diamonds, the process can seem a bit overwhelming at first. Not to worry, we are devoted to complete transparency and we want to make everything as seamless as possible for you. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about how to sell diamonds in Indianapolis. If you can’t find the answer to your question here, feel free to get in touch with us directly and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.

How quickly will I receive my money?

Once you accept our offer, you will be paid in cash immediately.

What if I don't have an appointment?

We meet with all of our clients by appointment only. By scheduling all of our meetings in advance, we are able to ensure that you receive the personal attention that you deserve. This also allows us to guarantee the optimal amount of time needed to conduct a proper diamond evaluation.

I already received an offer for my diamond a few months ago from a jeweler. Can you match it?

The diamond market is constantly changing. Our offers are based on current demands, so your previous offer may be outdated.

Is an appraisal the same as a laboratory certificate?

Not quite. It is important to remember, that the grade on a lab report or certificate is not 100% finite. In fact, most respectable labs have multiple graders contribute to a report. This is not to say that many certificates cannot be trusted, it is just that color and clarity grades can be more subjective.

The benefit of coming to us to sell your diamond is that we will make an offer not based solely on a piece of paper.

Do you have a Gemologist on staff?

Absolutely! Our entire staff has a combined 60+ years in the diamond industry. We firmly believe that experience is key when it comes to providing clients with the most accurate evaluations.

Gemology is a branch of science dealing with the study of gemstones. The certified professionals that work in this field are known as gemologists. At GSA Diamonds, our gemologist is a highly regarded expert when it comes to grading and assessing your diamonds. We strive to be your premier Indianapolis diamond buyers.

Do you buy synthetic diamonds?

We only buy natural diamonds. Science has developed a way to create diamonds in a lab; however, they are nowhere near as rare and valuable as the natural diamonds that we purchase from our clients.

Is a certified diamond worth more than a non-certified diamond?

Typically, yes. A certified diamond is one that has been examined in a laboratory.

For instance, if you have the opportunity to buy rare sports memorabilia, one that is guaranteed authentic and the other is not, which would you be willing to pay more for?

It may well be that a non-certified diamond has better quality, but without the necessary paperwork to prove it you may not be able to get the highest price possible in a sale.

Will you purchase a diamond from which I am not the owner?

In keeping with GSA Diamond’s promise to clients to conduct our business with honesty and integrity, we only purchase diamonds directly from the owners. To protect you and your interests you will need to present a valid driver’s license before we can make a purchase.

How do I know my valuables are safe with your company?

All appointments are scheduled in advance and diamond evaluations are done while you are present. In short, your diamond will remain in your possession until you are ready to sell.

Why do nearly identical diamonds differ in price?

Most people assume that the larger the diamond, the more expensive. The truth is that there are many other factors that are taken into account. Keep in mind that diamonds are priced based on the 4’Cs of diamond grading. Meaning their cut, clarity, color, and carat.

For instance, when looking at the clarity of a diamond, two stones may seem almost identical to the naked eye. However, once examined by an expert with the proper tools, more flaws (inclusions) may be apparent in one of the stones. No matter how slight the difference may be, it will still affect the price of the diamonds.

What types of diamonds do you buy?

We specialize in buying natural, loose diamonds of all shapes, 0.50 carats or larger. We can also purchase your large diamonds, including 4.0 carats and up. Whether you are interested in selling a rare and unique diamond or a more moderate one, our team will provide you with an accurate evaluation in a safe and private location. And, we can provide top prices for high-end diamonds such as Cartier, Forever Mark, Tiffany & Co., and Hearts on Fire.  

We also buy diamonds from estate sales, a divorce or any other reason you are looking to sell. Our experience in the industry allows us to maximize the value of your stone.

What is the difference between a complimentary inspection/evaluation and a formal appraisal?

We do offer an inspection at no cost, but it is important to understand that this is not a formal appraisal. The initial evaluation means that we will conduct an informal examination of the diamond and estimate its worth based on current market trends.

A true appraisal is a process that is much more in depth and takes more time to conduct.

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