Ready to Sell Your Diamond? 3 Tips to Make It Easy

by GSA Diamonds | November 8, 2017

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Selling your diamond is not an everyday experience.

Often, it’s a decision that’s not reached easily; it’s personal and it can be emotional. And, that’s OK.

Because, regardless of the “reason” that’s brought you to this decision, it’s important to understand what you should keep in mind – and expect – from the experience.

With our trusted and knowledgeable staff, we work hard to help everyone who visits Indy Diamond Buyer feel as though they are genuinely valued as our customer. We are here to ensure you are highly satisfied, not only with the decision you’ve made to sell your diamond to us, but that we took care of you in a way that you’ll want to visit us again in the future, or, perhaps, refer us to a family member or friend.

Make Sure You’re Ready

First, not unlike many of the more important decisions you’ll face throughout your life, change is something that comes in many different forms. When it comes to deciding to sell your diamond, we encourage to make a thoughtful decision, weigh the pros and cons and, then, it’s what is in your heart or intuition that often helps in deciding what to do. It’s important, too, for you to know we will respect your decision completely.

Beauty (and value): Eye of the Beholder

Sentimental value is something any reputable jeweler will appreciate, but we have a responsibility in helping you to understand that the offer for the diamond you’re looking to sell is based primarily on its intrinsic value – as defined, first and foremost, by the gem(s). As an additional consideration, the type of metal, such as gold or platinum, also is a factor in determining value.

Sharing the “Story” of Your Diamonds is Helpful

Keep in mind that the extent to which you can share with us any specific details about your diamonds (i.e. where it came from, date when it was purchased, how much you or whoever purchased it originally paid for it, and/or whether it has ever been reset), will help in better understanding the history of your piece as well as determining its value.

Everyone on our staff at Indy Diamond Buyer is committed to providing you an experience that will put you at ease and we encourage you to ask any questions. If we agree to purchase your diamond, be assured you’ll receive unparallelled customer service; a seamless process that provides you with peace of mind and an offer that is fair and equitable.

Visit our Facebook page or, if you’re ready to talk with us, complete the form on our website and call us at (317) 846-1818 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to working with you!

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