Millennials Cite “Life Changing Decisions” as Key Factor in Selling Engagement Rings

by GSA Diamonds | October 11, 2017

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Whether you’re a Millennial, Baby Boomer or Gen Xer, the experience of pursuing – and achieving – your dreams in life is the foundation upon which we can feel as though we’re headed in the right direction to being happy.

Best of all, deciding what’s important and how we get there makes the pursuit meaningful. And, certainly finding the ability to budget for these decisions provides the security needed when changing course.

According to JCK Magazine, a jewelry industry trade publication, a new survey indicates that 40% of Millennials would be willing to sell their engagement rings to fund a life-changing decision, such as travel, education, or a home. In the same study, Baby Boomers who responded to the same question checked in at 23% indicating they would be willing to part with their rings to fund a major purchase.

As part of the same survey, when asked if they would be willing to sell their engagement ring after or during a divorce, more than 60% of both Millennials and Baby Boomers agreed they would be willing.

Whether examining your life’s dreams and finding a way to fund them or pursuing a new path forward, Indy Diamond Buyer invites you to contact us if you’re interested in discussing your options related to selling your jewelry. Visit our website where we welcome you to complete a submission form so we can contact you or contact us directly at (317) 846-1818 to begin the process of selling your jewelry.

Our collective wisdom and experience in the diamond industry spans more than 60 years so if you’re looking to rely on a trusted resource for fair and consistent pricing Indy Diamond Buyer provides the type of experience you won’t find with other jewelers, pawnshops or auctions. And, we pride ourselves on our integrity and the opportunity to visit with us and receive the most accurate diamond valuations in a safe and secure setting.

We will inspect the stones free of charge and based on the current international market trend, we will estimate its worth and provide you with a preliminary offer. If you’d like to move forward, we will continue with our process to give you the best value for your diamond by making an immediate cash offer on the spot.

Selling a diamond is an experience that’s important to you and we are committed to making it as easy and meaningful as we can to help you achieve your dreams.

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